Tuesday, May 28, 2024

PD Muttley rescues dementia patient

NSW Police Dog ‘Muttley’ has come to the rescue of a 78-year-old dementia sufferer who went missing from a Sydney nursing home yesterday.

Police say the male patient had been reported missing since around 4.30pm on Sunday.

When staff failed to find the missing man, police were called and later in the evening PD Muttley and his handler joined searchers to canvass the area.

“The dog team attended the nursing home around 8.45pm and conducted a search of the area and surrounding bushland and dams,” NSW Police said in a statement.

PD Muttley located the patient lying in a ditch covered by long grass – unable to be seen by searchers.

“The patient was unable to move and had been in situ for an extended perod of time,” police said.

“Further assistance was required to remove the patient from the ditch and he was treated by the nursing staff before being returned to the nursing home.”

Well done PD Muttley!

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