Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NZ on brink of COVID wave

New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters has appeared on Australian breakfast television this morning, saying the country had “36 more hours” before the full extent of COVID-19 infection was revealed.

Mr Peters told Channel Nine Today show host, Karl Stefanovic that the source of the new cases remained a mystery.

“We have about 36 more hours, I think, to get on top of the research behind this,” Mr Peters said.

“Everyone is asking the same question, we don’t know until we get the medical research in.”

Just how far the virus has spread was unclear, but authorities have prepared for the worst, he told Today.

“It is a case of, I suppose, seeing things as the worst-case scenario so that you are not surprised.

“At this point of time we don’t know how wide the spread us.”

“Whether it has dispersed outside of Auckland and whether we have a fix on all the cases.

“It is one of those in-between times,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

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