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New leash on life for senior Police dogs

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but a new charity aimed at supporting retired Police Dogs is giving old dogs a new lease on life.

Blue Paws Association (BPA) is on a mission to help provide the love and care that service dogs deserve following their dedicated and loyal careers serving on the frontline.  

The non-for-profit organisation provides a range of services such as medical care, food, rehabilitation and more to all retired police dogs across Queensland, as they have no pension or superannuation fund once they retire.

Geoff and Kristy Steel established Blue Paws Association in 2023 after they took on the care of retired Police Dog Hondo.

Sergeant Nick Donald, Kristy and Geoff Steel
Sergeant Nick Donald, Kristy and Geoff Steel

Hondo and former handler, Sergeant Nick Donald, started their training in January 2014 and completed their Basic Dog Handler Course in May 2014.

They commenced duties on the Gold Coast and worked together for seven years, locating hundreds of offenders.

Hondo retired in 2021 and remained with Sergeant Donald for 18 months before he joined the Steel family where he is living out the remained of his days in a loving home.

Mrs Steel says Hondo is the reason BPA was formed.

“Blue Paws was established to help handlers and those who adopt retired police dogs with everything that they deserve after they have served,” Mrs Steel said.

“Due to their time in service, former police dogs aren’t eligible for pet insurance.

“This is where BPA steps assisting with any vet bills to keep them happy and health in retirement.

“We encourage all Queenslanders to donate or get involved in any way that they can,” she said.

“Police dogs spend their entire lives up until retirement dedicated to serving the people of Queensland, apprehending offenders and finding missing people,” Sergeant Donald said.

“It is great to see them taken care of in their retirement.”

PD Hondo enjoying cake

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