Thursday, May 23, 2024

New Bill secures UNSW’s Canberra plans

Legislation has passed allowing the establishment of the UNSW Canberra City campus via a long-term lease of the land.

Minister for Planning and Land Management, Mick Gentleman said the legislation was an important step to ensure the long-term leasing of land to UNSW and the delivery of the new university campus.

“This is an exciting project in the heart of Canberra that will play a major role in the renewal of the city centre, and elevate Canberra’s reputation as the knowledge capital,” said Mr Gentleman.

He said the project will bring more jobs to Canberra and contribute significantly to the ACT’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

“The ACT Government announced in early March that UNSW would establish a world-class research, education and innovation campus in Canberra that will boost our city’s education offerings, attracting up to 6,000 students and create around 2,000 jobs,” the Minister said.

“UNSW Canberra is continuing with the development of its master plan for the precinct following extended consultation with the Canberra community between March and mid-May, which attracted more than 300 pieces of feedback,” he said.

“The Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2020 ensures the Territory’s investment in this important project, including the land, $25 million and the cost of site remediation, is protected.”

He said the legislation also ensured that UNSW Canberra had appropriate flexibility to operate the new campus and use the land for the purpose it was intended.

“It provides further protections so that any transfer or variation to the lease after the initial 20 year period would require the consent of the Planning and Land Authority, and any transfer would have to be to a vocational or tertiary education provider registered under Commonwealth legislation.”

“The ACT Government looks forward to continuing to work with UNSW Canberra as they continue to engage with the community about the new campus,” said Mr Gentleman.

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