Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Museum groundbreaker honoured with lifetime membership

Pet Falls Museum founder, Peter Mercer, has been recognised for his groundbreaking work in local museums with the awarding of a Lifetime Membership of the Burnie Regional Museum.

The Museum’s Patron, Tasmanian Governor, Her Excellency the Honourable Barbara Baker (pictured, right), joined Mr Mercer (second from right) to mark the 70th Anniversary of the founding of Ridgley’s Pet Falls Museum – which would later become the Burnie Regional Museum – at a community event yesterday, along with Peter’s wife Libby (left) and Friends of the Museum Vice President, Chris Banks.

Pet Falls Museum was established by Mr Mercer in 1954, with his collection sold to Burnie Municipal Council, and used to create the spectacular Federation Street exhibit at Pioneer Village Museum in 1971.

The Pioneer Village Museum would subsequently become the Burnie Regional Museum that is well loved by locals and visitors alike.

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