Friday, June 21, 2024

Moreton police operation leads to arrest of 8 youths on 40 charges

An 11-day Queensland Police taskforce deployment to the Moreton District has resulted in eight young people and one adult being arrested on a total of 40 charges.

Between 4 December and 15 December, police and youth justice workers from Taskforce Guardian joined Moreton police in an operation targeting recidivist youth offenders.

Queensland Police say that since Taskforce Guardian launched in May, 611 people have been arrested on a total of 1,924 charges, including 601 young people on a total of 1,898 charges.

Taskforce Guardian comprises of police and expert Youth Justice workers, who work alongside local police to disrupt, investigate and prevent youth offending and enhance community safety.

It also works with key support services and local resources to engage at-risk youth with relevant programs, focusing on health, education, disability services and First Nations initiatives.

A young person is handcuffed and taken into custody during the taskforce deployment.

Detective Inspector Phillip Hurst said Taskforce Guardian’s deployment helped reinforce the local police response to youth offending.

“With the support and expertise of Taskforce Guardian, we’ve been able to target those serious repeat offenders and engage with a number of young people starting to head down the wrong path,” Det Insp Hurst said.

“Having a surge taskforce to assist Moreton Police with patrols, bail checks and engagement and diversion activities has aided in enhancing community safety.

“Our priority will always be keeping our local community safe, and we remain dedicated to ensuring a high-visibility police presence to help address youth offending,” he said.

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