Thursday, July 25, 2024

Mayor fights to save post office

Frankston City Council Mayor, Nathan Conroy, is urging Australia Post not to close its outlet in Wells Street, central Frankston.

Mayor Conroy (pictured, right) said the local Australia Post shop was an essential service at the heart of the community.

“Our CBD is one of nine metropolitan activity centres designated by the Victorian Government to support business and residential growth, and the delivery of essential services for the community.”

“With 8,000 new residents in central Frankson expected in the next 15 years, change is happening, with new businesses setting up, new developments are getting underway,” he said.

“Australia Post has announced plans for the closure of the Frankston Central Post Shop
in August. The plan means there will no longer be a post office outlet in central Frankston.”

Mayor Conroy said this means that those who live or work in the CBD will need to travel to Yuille Street Frankston South, Heatherhill Road in Frankston Heights, or Beach St in Frankston East, for the most basic postal and financial services including sending a registered letter, paying a bill or renewing a passport.

“It means business in our CBD that rely on Australia Post for deliveries and shipping, no longer have a local Post Office shop to manage their critical operational needs. It means that our city centre will no longer have the essential service that people and businesses rely on.”

“Over the last few days I’ve spoken to dozens of community members, about the closure.
Businesses, residents, office workers, shoppers, all are concerned about the impact of removing an essential service from a thriving community.”

Frankston Business Collective chair, Joyie Wood said it was critical for local businesses to have ready access to important resources such as a post office.

“The proposed closure of the Australia Post – Frankston Central Post Shop on Wells St will
significantly impact local businesses and residents who rely on its services. This post office is vital for our community, providing essential postal and financial services that support daily operations and personal needs,” she said.

“We urge Australia Post to reconsider this decision to ensure continued support for our thriving business community and residents.”

Mayor Conroy and Ms Wood urged residents to make sure their voices were heard by signing a petition calling for the Post Office to remain open.

To sign the petition, click here.

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