Thursday, June 20, 2024

Injured WA residents get helping hand

The WA Insurance Commission will reduce payment terms for health practitioners from 20 days to 24 hours for pre-approved health treatment expenses from next month, with the move to benefit injured Western Australians and local businesses.

The Insurance Commission will become the first motor injury and workers’ compensation insurer in Australia to pay for pre-approved treatment services using HICAPS. 

“The Insurance Commission’s new payment terms will make life much easier for injured Western Australians and businesses,” said WA Treasurer, Ben Wyatt.

“It will deliver payment certainty and improved cash flow for businesses, which is critical in our current environment, and facilitate early treatment for Western Australians following an accident.”

The Insurance Commission manages personal injury claims for people injured in vehicle crashes on the road and for government agency staff injured in the workplace.

It said most claims involve the injured person requiring rehabilitation to help them return to work and the community.

Under the new arrangements, customers will receive a text message with a treatment number that can be provided to their health practitioner to be entered into the HICAPS terminal to verify and initiate payment.  

The Insurance Commission’s current payment terms are 20 days where liability has been determined. 

It said automated payments will simplify invoice and payment processing, enabling health practitioners to receive payment within 24 hours for pre-approved treatment and reducing the likelihood claimants will have to pay for treatment costs.

In 2018-19, the Insurance Commission paid $70 million for around 400,000 health services for 15,000 injured Western Australians. 

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