Thursday, April 25, 2024

Flinders Line improvements on track

Residents, students and workers from Adelaide’s southern suburbs can look forward to better and more frequent rail travel with more than 2,200 new services per year announced for the new Flinders Line.

The Tonsley Line currently only operates on weekdays with a 20 minute peak frequency and 30 minutes at all other times until 7pm.

The indicative timetable for the new Flinders Line, which is expected to open to passengers in December, extends the service until midnight on weeknights and will provide 20 minute peak frequency on weekdays and 30 minutes at all other times.

A new service will also run on weekends for the first time from approximately 7am to just before midnight.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Corey Wingard said 44 additional services per week or 2,200 per year will greatly enhance the public transport options for those living and working in our southern suburbs.

“Local members Carolyn Power and Steve Murray have been advocating for additional services for their constituents for years and their tireless campaigning has paid off,” Minister Wingard said.

“The Labor Party left our public transport network to rot and we saw patronage decline. In fact, more people caught public transport 10 years ago than when Labor left office.

“The Marshall Government was elected to deliver better services and that is why we’re investing in our public transport network – to deliver better and more frequent train services.

“We’re all about getting people from A to B faster so they can spend more time with their families and doing what they love. Public transport should be a convenience.”

Member for Elder Carolyn Power said it is incredible progress for the local community.

“Residents have long called for increased services to help connect them to employment, education, community resources, medical care and recreational opportunities,” Mrs Power said.

“Extended services will help reduce road congestion and travel times while also making the area more accessible for those in, and outside, the region.”

Member for Davenport Steve Murray said it’s a huge win for southern commuters.

“This means that anyone going to the city from the south, or anyone working, visiting or studying at the Flinders precinct can get there with ease, and with more frequency,” Mr Murray said.

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