Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Do you know a great Launceston resident?

Do you know a great Launceston resident? The City of Launceston Council is seeking nominations for the city’s 2024 Community Recognition Awards.

The annual Community Recognition Awards are designed to recognise outstanding contributions by Launceston residents who seek to make their community a better place.
There are four award categories, Citizen Award, Young Citizen Award, Sports Award and
Community Event of the Year.

City of Launceston Mayor, Matthew Garwood said the awards were designed to celebrate and recognise outstanding contributions by Launceston residents.

“If you know someone who contributes significantly through their work in the Launceston
community, please consider nominating them for the City of Launceston’s 2024 Community
Recognition Awards,” Mayor Garwood said.

“These awards are split into four categories, covering citizens, young citizens, community events, and sporting organisations and endeavours.

“We know in Launceston there are countless volunteers, mentors and supporters in our
community who are making a difference every day, whether it’s teaching people new skills, giving up their time to a local sports club, or providing mentorship and guidance in the business world.

“Some of them work behind the scenes, while others are in the spotlight — if you know someone who should be recognised through these awards, we want to hear from you.”

Nominations close 24 November 2023.

For nomination details or other information, please visit: https://www.launceston.tas.gov.au/Community/Awards-Recognition/Community-Recognition-Awards.

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