Thursday, April 25, 2024

Caravan park set to reopen after bushfire close call

Dale and Katie Exon, the dedicated managers of the Grampians Edge Caravan Park, recently faced a harrowing experience as wildfires threatened their beloved tourist haven.

Fortunately, their quick thinking and resilience helped safeguard the park and its guests.

The Exons have poured their hearts into the Grampians Edge Caravan Park, enhancing it over the years with a collection of charming tiny houses for adventurous travellers.

Last Tuesday, as flames licked the horizon, Dale and Katie found themselves in a dual role: ensuring the safety of their own young children and assisting the caravan park guests in evacuating promptly.

While Katie took their preschool-age kids to safety in Stawell, Dale stood his ground at the park. He activated the sprinklers on the lush lawns surrounding the park’s entrance, a desperate measure to halt the fire’s advance. The relentless 50km/h westerly winds pushed the flames perilously close to the park’s boundary.

Firefighters valiantly battled the encroaching inferno, successfully defending the Grampians Edge Caravan Park. Luck was on their side, and the park emerged unscathed. Dale expressed immense gratitude, saying, “We were very lucky.”

Tiny Houses at Caravan Park.png

In the aftermath of the fire, social media buzzed with misinformation, falsely claiming that the Dadswells Bridge village lay in ruins. Dale, determined to set the record straight, assured visitors that the caravan park would reopen by the weekend.

His optimism extended to other local businesses, which also escaped harm and were now back in operation.

“We’ve been running around all week, and the park looks as good as ever,” Dale said. The pool, however, required water replacement — a minor inconvenience compared to the potential devastation they narrowly avoided.”

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