Thursday, February 29, 2024

Canberrans playing it COVID safe

ACT Policing continues to proactively conduct quarantine checks during Canberra’s COVID-19 response.

Superintendent Stephen Turnbull said there continued to be strong compliance from people in quarantine.

“We continue to conduct multiple checks on people in quarantine throughout their 14 day quarantine period. People are generally compliant with quarantine requirements and welcome their interaction with police,” Superintendent Turnbull said.

“Everyone is aware that we all have a part to play to keep our community safe.”

ACT moved to step 3.2 of Canberra’s Recovery Plan on Friday (9 October, 2020) which means greater numbers in outdoor venues. ACT Policing worked with Access Canberra and ACT Health to conduct compliance patrols across the territory over the weekend.

“There was a positive community response to more people being allowed into outdoor venues but everyone should be aware many health measures remain in place,” Superintendent Turnbull said.

“In most cases people are doing the right thing when visiting venues. We are reminding the public to continue to help businesses to remain COVID compliant.”

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