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Bravery honours follow knife attack on police officer

The Queensland Police officers and members of the public who responded to a knife attack on a police officer in Upper Mount Gravatt in 2020 have been awarded for their response and bravery.

On August 5, 2020, Senior Constable Renae Plant and Constable Clinton Hooper attended an address in Upper Mount Gravatt to serve documents to a 25-year-old male offender.

As the officers approached the residence, the offender lunged at Constable Hooper with a knife, repeatedly slashing him across the face.

“With little regard for her own safety, Senior Constable Plant yelled at the offender to stop his actions however he disregarded the command. Senior Constable Plant drew and her discharged her firearm, incapacitating the offender,” Queensland Police said in a statement.

Senior Constable Renae Plant and Constable Clinton Hooper both received the QPS Valour Medal for their exceptional bravery in hazardous circumstances.

Members of the public, Luke Roberts and Christopher Pye, were nearby and attended the scene after hearing the gunfire. Police say both men went to the aid of Constable Hooper with little regard to their safety and being fully aware the offender was nearby and armed with a knife.

“Their actions not only served to provide Constable Hooper with valuable first aid, but also allowed Senior Constable Plant to continue addressing the threat posed by the offender,” Police said.

Mr Roberts and Mr Pye were both awarded the Commissioner’s Certificate of Notable Action in recognition of the substantial service they both provided to members of the QPS.

The 25-year-old offender was subsequently charged with one count of attempted murder.

“At the time of this incident Acting Senior Sergeant Meagan Holley was attached to Logan District and had been a Peer Support Officer there since 2010.  Despite working in different districts and not being well known to each other, Acting Senior Sergeant Holley reached out to Senior Constable Plant to offer support in the aftermath of this incident.”

“On top of providing outstanding support to a member in need, Acting Senior Sergeant Holley made a significant contribution to the Post Shooting Policy Advisor & Support Coordinator Program, developed by Senior Constable Plant,” Police said.

This new program has now been introduced across several regions, promoting a victim-centric approach to members involved in critical incidents. 

In other awards news, Acting Senior Sergeant Holley was awarded the Assistant Commissioner’s Certificate for her commitment, intelligence, dedication, and resourcefulness in supporting the wellbeing of members in the operational policing environment.

Acting Senior Sergeant Holley, Senior Constable Plant and Constable Hooper also received the QPSM and clasps for years of service at the ceremony. The medal may be awarded to current or service who has accrued 10 years of diligent and ethical service and is, in the opinion of the Commissioner, a fit and proper person to receive the award.

Queensland Police Service Medal
From left: Acting Senior Sergeant Holley receiving the 15-year clasp of the Queensland Police Service Medal from Acting Assistant Commissioner Rhys Wildman.
Queensland Police Service Medal
From left: Senior Constable Plant receiving the 20-year clasp of the Queensland Police Service Medal from Acting Assistant Commissioner Rhys Wildman.
Queensland Police Service Medal
From left: Constable Hooper receiving the Queensland Police Service Medal from Acting Assistant Commissioner Rhys Wildman.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Kelly acknowledged all award recipients at the ceremony.

“These awards highlight the commitment and outstanding contributions of police in the South Brisbane District with various displays of our core values of integrity, professionalism and community.” Deputy Commissioner Kelly said.

“I am extremely proud of my fellow service women and men this morning to recognise their outstanding contributions to keeping our community safe.”

Acting Assistant Commissioner Rhys Wildman said every recipient should be proud of their achievements.

“Being a police officer is a challenging yet rewarding career. Behind every award are hours of service, sacrifices and a resounding commitment to keeping their community safe.” Acting Assistant Commissioner Wildman said.

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