Monday, June 24, 2024

Borroloola declared safe as Cyclone Megan downgraded

Severe Tropical Cyclone Megan, originally categorised as a Category 3 system, made landfall at 3:30pm yesterday, impacting the Borroloola and surrounding areas.

Residents were advised to take shelter as evacuation efforts faced obstacles due to the intensity of the weather. However, overnight reports indicate that all residents are safe, with no injuries and in good spirits. Minimal damage, primarily in the form of fallen trees, was reported within the community.

The cyclone has been downgraded to a Tropical Low this morning, residents in surrounding areas are advised to brace for heavy rainfall, particularly in the Daly and Roper regions. Rising water levels in Rocky Creek and McArthur River means we need to be careful about possible flooding downstream.

This morning, the Local Controller will assess the safety of the airstrip for landing purposes. Further evaluations throughout the day will ensure that the community is secure for residents to resume normal activities, the NT Government said in a statement.

“The Northern Territory Police extend their gratitude to those who assisted residents and provided support to frontline services during this challenging period, acknowledging the collective effort to safeguard the community’s well-being,” the statement read.

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