Monday, July 22, 2024

Aged care sex assault victim dies in hospital

A 90-year-old woman has died in hospital following a horrific alleged sexual assault at an aged care facility on the Central Coast earlier this month.

NSW Police say 34-year-old Brett Anthony Crawford (pictured) broke into a facility in Bateau Bay about 12.40am on Wednesday November 15th, where he assaulted and sexually assaulted the elderly aged care resident.

“The woman was taken to hospital suffering serious injuries. Police have since been notified the woman died in hospital this morning,” NSW Police said in a statement this morning.

Police believe Crawford silenced his 90-year-old victim with her own bedding during the alleged attack.

“Once inside the room he used bedding to silence the cries for help whilst he pinned her to the bed causing injuries to her arms, legs and head,” said Detective Superintendent Jayne Doherty.

“Police will allege the man then sexually assaulted the female before stealing her property, leaving the woman (with) extensive injuries to her arms which were bleeding.”

Crawford remains before the courts.

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