Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Affordable housing project for Claremont

Work has begun on the construction of 22 affordable apartments in Claremont, aimed at boosting the inner city suburb’s medium-density housing options.

Housing Minister, Peter Tinley today announced the start of work on ‘The Pavillion on Ashton’ at 11 Ashton Avenue, a three-level apartment block.

The development includes one, two and three-bedroom apartments it’s hoped will attract a range of homebuyers, with single-bedroom properties expected to be priced from $390,000.

“Thoughtfully developed medium-density infill is the future for existing inner-city suburbs like Claremont and it’s high time that diverse, affordable housing made its way into the leafy suburb,” said Mr Tinley.

“The development at Ashton Avenue will help create a vibrant, inclusive and accessible community, enabling more people to have a place to call home.

“It offers the chance for people to live close to work, family and a range of amenities.”

Mr Tinley said two properties had been allocated for social housing to “cultivate a diverse community”. 

Located on the corner of Ashton Avenue and Mofflin Avenue, the development is just 250m from the Loch Street train station and 250m from a bus route running along Alfred Street to the north.

“Ashton Avenue incorporates universal access standards such as wide access ways, entries and lifts to ensure that people with accessibility impairments can easily move in and around the development,” said Disability Services Minister, Stephen Dawson.

“Furthermore, eight of the apartments will be specifically designed with accessible features, making them easier to enter and navigate, and to be adapted to meet the changing needs of residents over time.”

The apartments are expected to be complete by late 2021. 

Ashton Avenue is part of the State Government’s $394 million METRONET Social and Affordable Housing and Jobs Package – an investment in housing aimed at building liveable and connected communities close to transport infrastructure. 

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