Friday, June 21, 2024

National Pharmacies first to sign on to 24/7 care in SA

Norwood National Pharmacies has become the first community pharmacy to open its doors 24/7 under a South Australian Government initiative aimed at increasing access to health care.

The National Pharmacies store in Norwood is now operating 24 hours a day after its official opening by National Pharmacies CEO Vito Borrello, Premier Peter Malinauskas and Health and Wellbeing Minister Chris Picton.

The pharmacy is the first of three community chemists to open around-the-clock under a State Government initiative.

The Government has invested $2.5 million a year to fund the initiative which it hopes will help to reduce avoidable presentations to busy hospital emergency departments.

“Norwood National Pharmacies is leading the way in providing Adelaide families and individuals an immediate gateway to manage personal health and wellbeing every hour of every day, while also benefitting the wider health network,” said Mr Borrello.

“Our professional team of pharmacists are now available 24/7 to provide health advice and dispense time-critical medications, including pain relief for sick children and antivirals for COVID and Shingles, allowing for rapid treatment and recovery of illnesses that require prompt management,” he said.

The State’s Premier described the move as a game-changer for South Australian seniors and families.

“If someone gets sick in the middle of the night and needs quick access to medicine or health advice, they can now go to a 24-hour pharmacy instead of the ED,” Mr Malinauskas said.

From next month, South Australian women aged 18-65 with uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) will also be able to access antibiotic treatment through participating pharmacies.

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