Monday, July 22, 2024

UK offers ‘COVID-safe sex’ advice

A sexual health organisation in the UK has felt the need to issue advice to the British public on how to have ‘COVID-safe sex’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Terrence Higgins Trust has published advice suggesting people avoid kissing, wear a face covering and choose positions that aren’t face-to-face during sex.

The best sexual partner during the pandemic is yourself or someone you live with, the Trust said in a statement yesterday, recommending masturbation, use of sex toys or participating in phone or online sex as the safest options during the global health crisis.

And, the Trust says, if you are going to have sex – ideally it should be with people who are part of your household.

“Sex is a very important part of life and asking people to avoid sex indefinitely isn’t realistic,” the Trust’s Medical Director, Dr Michael Brady (pictured, right).

“That’s why, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we all need to find ways to balance our need for sex and intimacy with the risks of the spread of COVID-19.

“We’re clear that abstaining from sex is the best way to protect yourself from coronavirus. But we hope by issuing this advice we will help people to manage the risks of COVID-19 while also being able to have and enjoy sex.”

He said the virus could spread through saliva, mucus or the breath of those who have it, along with contact with hard surfaces.

The Trust also recommended washing your hands for more than 20 seconds or using hand sanitiser before and after sex.

Other tips offered by the Trust included avoiding kissing, wearing a face mask and favouring positions where you’re not face-to-face.

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