Monday, July 22, 2024

Trump speaks from hospital

US President Donald Trump has spoken out from hospital in an address to the nation after being diagnosed with COVID-19 on Friday.

Mr Trump began his address by thanking the medical staff at Walter Reed Medical Centre, before speaking about “miracle” future treatments for the deadly virus.

“I came here, I wasn’t feeling so well, I feel much better now, we’re working hard to get me all the way back,” Mr Trump said.

“I have to be back because we still have to make America great again.

“I’ll be back, I think I’ll be back soon.

“We’re going to beat this coronavirus or whatever you want to call it.”

Mr Trump said he didn’t want to be strictly quarantined inside the White House.

“Stay in the White House, lock yourself in, don’t ever leave, don’t even go the Oval Office, just stay upstairs and enjoy it.

“Don’t see people, don’t talk to people and just be done with it, and I can’t do that,” he said.

“This is America, this is the United States, this is greatest country in the world, this is the most powerful country in the world and I can’t be locked up in a room upstairs completely safe and just say hey, ‘whatever happens happens’.”

He thanked world leaders for their well wishes, and added that wife, Melania – who didn’t appear on the video – was also doing well.

Meanwhile, the President’s doctor, Sean Conley, released an update on Mr Trump’s condition last night, saying the POTUS was “fever free and off supplemental oxygen”.

The news followed a statement from Mr Trump’s chief of staff that the President’s oxygen levels had “dropped rapidly” on Friday morning.

Mr Trump’s doctor has further clarified that he has made “substantial progress since diagnosis” but was “not yet out of the woods.”

The President also publicly released photos (pictured) showing him working in a conference room at the hospital while convalescing.

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