Sunday, May 26, 2024

Trump pulled from press briefing

US President Donald Trump has been abruptly removed from his own press conference by Secret Service officers as he addressed reporters at the White House just minutes ago.

Witnesses say a Secret Service officer appeared next to the President just minutes into the press briefing, spoke in the POTUS’s ear and then both men departed the podium without Mr Trump saying another word.

A reporter in the room asked the President why he was leaving but Mr Trump failed to respond.

It’s being reported that a shooting has taken place outside the White House and the President was removed from the briefing for safety reasons.

UPDATE (0820)

The President returned a short time later, confirming there had been a shooting outside the White House.

“It was a shooting outside of the White House,” he told reporters.

“I’d like to thank the Secret Service for doing their always quick and very effective work.

“Somebody’s been taken to the hospital. You were surprised. I was surprised also. I think it’s pretty unusual.”

He told reporters he believed that the suspect was armed.

“It might not have had anything to do with me,” he said.

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