Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Three strikes you’re out for Balmain pub

Balmain’s historic Unity Hall Hotel has been closed for a week, and its operators fined $10,000, after committing multiple COVID-19 health breaches.

In a statement published on its Facebook page, hotel management said “we did not fully understand every aspect of the changing regulations and we should have.”

“The standards required of the hotel by the Health Authorities are very high, but we recognise that the consequences of this virus are severe and are not to be taken lightly,” it continued.

“Since the breaches we have implemented a number of procedures that go above and beyond what is required of hotels to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons.

“We apologise unreservedly to our patrons and wider community, and we look forward to providing a safe place for you in the future.”

The pub’s online apology received a mixed response from facebook users, with one commenting, “But did anyone die???? No!!!!” while another wrote, “To the owners of the Unity Hall Hotel you are so ignorant that you put your logo of shaking hands on this statement. The rest of the hospitality industry including small bars and breweries/distilleries and music venues are going well above what is required under the Government’s Health Regulations to stay open. You don’t deserve the privilege of holding a Liquor Licence with this level of arrogance.”

The hotel received a closure notice from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing for non-compliance of the COVID-19 health regulations on two occasions – with the pub ordered to close from 5am Wednesday 9th September until 5am Wednesday 16th September.

Pub management can’t say they weren’t warned.

A day after it was hit with a penalty notice for breaking COVID-19 restrictions, the pub was caught hosting two birthday parties, leading to its forced closure.

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