Friday, June 21, 2024

Queensland dinosaur state’s newest official emblem

It’s official – Muttaburrasauras langdoni is Queensland’s official fossil emblem with the passing of the Emblems of Queensland and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 by the Queensland Parliament yesterday.

The 100-million-year-old, plant eating ornithopod had a convincing win over 11 other fossil contenders in last year’s popular vote of Queenslanders to become the State’s first fossil emblem.

Muttaburrasauras langdoni was discovered in 1963 by grazier Doug Langdon on Roseberry Downs Station near Muttaburra.

As the most complete fossil to be unearthed in Australia at the time, Muttaburrasauras was also the nation’s first dinosaur to be cast, mounted and replicated.

“I’m thrilled to witness the recognition of Muttaburrasauras as a Queensland State Emblem,” said Queensland Museum Senior Scientist and Curator Palaeontology, Dr Scott Hocknull.

“This remarkable dinosaur symbolises Queensland’s rich paleontological heritage and the importance of preserving our unique prehistoric legacy for generations to come.”

Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said the State’s new fossil emblem was already encouraging families to discover dinosaur trails in Outback Queensland.

“The passing of this Bill recognising the seven-metre-long Muttaburrasauras as the 10th official symbol of Queensland is a mammoth statement for tourism.

“Queensland is home to many of Australia’s best dinosaur fossil finds and I can’t think of a better home-grown ambassador for Outback destinations than the Muttaburrasauras.

“Outback Queensland’s fossil attractions generate millions of dollars for the visitor economy with extraordinary potential to grow as the southern hemisphere’s paleo capital.”

Dinosaur destinations account for around 11% of regional Queensland tourism.

Muttaburrasauras joins the Cooktown Orchid, koala, Great Barrier Reef Anemone fish, brolga, the sapphire and the colour maroon as symbols of Queensland.

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