Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Pub serves up COVID charge with meal

A pub in Dublin, Ireland has been very publicly outed for charging its patrons a “COVID-19 fee” when dining.

A woman who ate at the Mulligans of Sandymount pub posted a photo of her receipt online, prompting outrage from around the globe.

She said she was alarmed to receive a bill for her meal that included a coronavirus charge of £2, or around AU$3.30.

“Mulligan’s of Sandymout – COVID-19 Charge?” she wrote on Facebook alongside the photo of her receipt.

“Absolutely daylight robbery. I’m glad it’s highlighted, all these place should be named and shamed,” one Facebook user commented on the post.

While another Facebook user suggested the charge may be for cleaning of patrons tables and other touchpoints in the pub.

A pub spokesperson told Dublin Live that it hoped patrons would “understand” why the charge was on the receipt, but didn’t other any further explanation.

The pub hasn’t addressed the COVID-19 charge on it’s Facebook page, instead going online to promote a new app to make bookings easier during the pandemic.

The app posting has prompted further outrage, with one local commenting, “Do yourself a favour and get rid of that stupid covid charge at least you can put a post up with your specials on food and drink without having that embarrassing receipt in the comments because a lot people already know to stay to clear due to Facebook.”

Another Facebook user cheekily enquired,  “Does it cost £2 to download it?”

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