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Police appeal for young officer’s family

NSW Police Legacy has launched an appeal for funds to assist the family of a young police officer who lost his long battle with cancer recently.

Shannon Hollibone joined the NSW Police Force in 2009, and has been stationed as Lock Up Keeper at Coonabarabran Police Station with his wife, Nikki and 14-year-old daughter, Mackenzie since 2014.

In December 2014 Shannon received the devastating diagnosis of Stage 4 metastatic colorectal cancer and was given a life expectancy of six months as the cancer spread through his liver, lungs and colon.

He underwent radiation and chemotherapy, keeping up his police shifts between treatments.

“For the last six years has been travelling to Sydney with his wife for radiation and chemotherapy treatments,” said NSW Police Legacy.

“Since his diagnosis, Shannon has undergone countless surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

“Shannon has turned up for work at Coonabarabran after every treatment showing great dedication to NSW Police, the Coonabarabran community and his work colleagues.”

Unfortunately, in 2020 Shannon’s health again deteriorated and he received the news that the cancer has spread throughout his bones including his skull, jaw and ribs.

He was told there were no treatment options available.

On 28 July Shannon was awarded the Commissioner’s Commendation for Outstanding Service, receiving the award from Commissioner Mick Fuller at a special ceremony.

Just two days later, Shannon lost his long battle with cancer, leaving behind his devastated wife and daughter.

One of Shannon’s NSW Police colleagues, Senior Constable Rhys Fairman has set up an appeal to help the family at this very difficult time.

Snr Cst Fairman said all funds raised would be split equally between Nikki and Mackenzie, with Mackenzie’s funds going into a trust fund for her.

“Any support you can provide is very much appreciated by the family,” NSW Police Legacy said.

To make a donation, simply click on this link:⁣ bit.ly/shannonhollibone⁣

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