Monday, June 17, 2024

NSW Police Association turns 100

Current and former NSW Police Association members: (from left) Phillip Tunchon, former President (1994-1998); Tony King, current President (2019-); Thomas Pauling, original President (1920-1923); Bertram Fortescue, original Secretary (1920-1931); Peter Remfrey, former Secretary (1997-2018); Patrick Gooley, current Secretary (2018-).

The NSW Police Association is celebrating its 100th birthday.

The Association was formed on this day a century ago, after a large rally of police officers at the Police Depot at Redfern in July 1920.

Those who took part in the protect were seeking representation from an industrial organisation, and so the NSW Police Association was formed.

NSW Police Legacy has marked the milestone on its social media site with a digitally-compiled photo of current and former NSW Police Association presidents.

“The Police Association of NSW have served their members well and faithfully sever since [1920] and we here at NSW Police Legacy have a special reason to thank them, because it was partly through their actions that we came to be, back in 1987, and it is through a special arrangement with them that we come to be housed in such a beautiful office space,” NSW Police Legacy posted.

“Unfortunately the many celebrations scheduled for their centenary year have had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, but they would surely appreciate your birthday wishes!”

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