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Nominate to win a plate

Queenslanders can now nominate a local community hero to receive the first of the state’s new series of number plates.

Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey said the new number plates – which will begin appearing on Queensland vehicles later this year – will feature a new combination of three numbers followed by two letters and a number.

“The new series of number plates will be a format unique to Queensland so we’re inviting the community to nominate their local heroes to receive the very first number plate: 000-AA0,” Mr Bailey said.

“The winner will have the honour of receiving the first plate in a series that is expected to appear on Queensland vehicles for the next 25-plus years.

“They will also score a $500 gift card to boot.”

Mr Bailey said a local hero could be someone who has significantly supported their community, especially those whose personal contributions have made travel on Queensland roads safer and more accessible.

“A local hero could be someone who volunteers at a driver reviver site or drives the bus for the local community or sporting club,” he said.

“There are people in our community who go about their business quietly every day to help others around them.

“They’re the type of heroes we should recognise, the people who embody the spirit of community and help define what it means.”

Queensland’s current number plate series started in 1977 and, but for a colour change back in 2001, looks largely the same.

“When the current number plates first appeared in the late 1970s, there were lines around the block to see the first Star Wars movie, one day cricket was a relatively new concept and Abba was top of the charts,” Mr Bailey said.

“While it’s time for a change, the difference between the old number plates and the new ones is a subtle one, and it will be at no extra cost to Queenslanders in terms of their production.”

As the new series progresses, the number at the end will cascade back through the letters so it will firstly move to between the letters (123-A2A) and then, when this series is exhausted, the number will move again to the start of the last three characters (123-2AA).

“The new series will provide more than 16 million new combinations and we expect this will last us more than 25 years, at current rates.”

Nominations for the local hero competition are now open until Sunday 9 August.

To nominate, visit www.tmr.qld.gov.au/localhero and write a short statement about your hero’s contribution to your community.

For more information about the history of Queensland number plates, visit https://www.ppq.com.au/about-plates/history-of-plates.

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