Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Murder charge laid against 84-year-old’s attacker

Perth Homicide Squad detectives have upgraded the charge against a 28-year-old Seville Grove man to murder over the death of 84-year-old Emiliano Lombardi of East Cannington.  

The man will now be charged with Murder and will appear before the Perth Magistrates Court today.

Mr Lombardi was brutally bashed in a shocking assault outside his south Perth home on August 16.

He was reportedly bashed with a broken car wing mirror after he left the safety of his home at around 7pm to investigate a disturbance in his backyard.

Mr Lombardi was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital, where he remained in the hospital’s intensive care for two weeks before, tragically he succumbed to his injuries.

Mr Lombardi’s attack sparked an outpouring of support from his local community. Tragically, Mr Lombardi died of his injuries.

Police photos released of Mr Lombardi’s attack were released the day after the assault, prompting a huge outpouring of anger from the public.

The 84-year-old had suffered numerous deep lacerations to his head and body, a broken nose and eye injuries in the attack.

A much-loved resident of the East Cannington neighbourhood where he lived, local residents rallied to help their elderly neighbour in his time of need – Mr Lombardi’s house was repainted and replastered by local tradies; and others visited to feed his chickens and tend his vegetable garden.

Local businesses also reportedly offered new bedding to the pensioner, after the images of his blood-stained bedroom were made public.

One of Mr Lombardi’s sons, Carlo, told WA Today the acts of kindness and generosity shown following his father’s assault proved “there’s good in this community”.

“There’s just a few that have lost their way but the majority of people are always there for you and do the right thing, it’s good to see,” he said.

He said his father lived alone and was a keen gardener, who would often share his home-grown fruit and vegetables with his neighbours on Henry Street.

WA Police arrested two men over the assault, taking a 28-year-old and 24-year-old into custody just a few days after the incident.

The 28-year-old now facing a charge of Murder, was also charged with the indecent assault of a woman in her 40s, and the assault of a man and woman in their 20s.

Police allege the pair committed multiple acts in a crime spree that lasted around an hour on the night of Mr Lombardi’s assault.


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