Thursday, May 23, 2024

Homeless hotels to check out in April

The Victorian Government has announced a new $150 million funding package that will extend hotel accommodation arrangements for 2,000 homeless Victorians until at least April next year.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the From Homelessness to a Home package would also help get homeless Victorians into their very own homes.

“We will arrange to lease 1,100 properties from the private rental market, providing a permanent home for people once they leave emergency accommodation,” the Premier said.

“This investment will give Victorians a roof over their head in the short-term, while also providing long-term support to help them find their home – and the security, stability and sense of belonging that goes with it.”

The government moved around 2,000 homeless residents into vacant hotel rooms when the pandemic hit.

He said the funding investment was an opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness – affording more Victorians the security and stability of a home, while also boosting the private rental market.

The Premier said funding would be allocated to homelessness agencies in both metropolitan and regional areas – enabling them to deliver a tailored and more responsive service based on the needs of individuals.

“This pandemic has laid bare many inequalities – you can’t stay home if you don’t have one and you can’t wash your hands regularly if you don’t have access to the bare basics of hot water and soap.” 

“This is our opportunity to help break the cycle of homelessness – because now more than ever, home means stability, security and safety.”

Minister for Housing, Richard Wynne said the first of the Government’s promised 1000 new social housing units were also coming online and would support people to transition out of homelessness and into a home.

He said each client would have access to flexible support packages to ensure they are getting the tailored help they need while in crisis hotel accommodation – including mental health, drug and alcohol and family violence support for those who need it.

“That same support will be available to help sustain a tenancy once they move to other long-term housing,” he said.

“With more housing options and wrap-around support to go with it, we’re giving Victorians the best possible chance to find a path out of homelessness and get their lives back on track.”

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