Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Hidden message found in Police epaulette

A hidden message has been discovered in a piece of a Queensland Police uniform in the Service’s North Queensland academy.

Carefully tucked away inside the folds of a graduate epaulette – the part of a uniform where an officer’s rank is displayed – was a handwritten note of advice from an officer to a recruit that was written 18 years ago.

“It’s a long hard slog and there are many difficult times ahead for you,” the note reads.

“Don’t give up, it will be the most amazing experience of your life.”

Queensland Police say the officer, who wrote the note in 2002, is still within the Service but wishes to remain anonymous.

His note, though, is fast making headlines.

“My intention was to provide anonymous support for someone who I thought could use it,” he said.

“When I wrote the note, I had finished my last assessment at the Academy, and we had been told to return our epaulettes.

“I decided to take the tradition of leaving a note in the dorms for the next recruit a step further and tucked my note into the lining of the epaulette.

“A lot of thought went into that note.

“I wanted the finder to know that Academy life was difficult, and that they would be tested.”

The mystery officer has risen through the ranks of the QPS since his time at the Academy, and is now a Sergeant in regional Queensland.

“If I were to speak to a recruit today, I’d tell them exactly the same thing.

“The journey continues to be arduous after the Academy, and will test you in ways you never believed possible – but you’ll get through it.

“Your family now numbers in the thousands and wears a blue uniform.

“Make the most of your time at the Academy – the friendships will last a lifetime.”

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