Sunday, May 26, 2024

Gladiator wades in to COVID war

Australian actor Russell Crowe has waded into the political bunfight over Victoria’s COVID-19 outbreak, posting praise for the state’s embattled Premier on his Twitter page.

In a post last night, Crowe wrote, “You’re doing a good job Dan.”

“It must feel like you are pushing the proverbial up a hill everyday.”

The post then took on the ‘What we do in life echoes an eternity’ tone of what is arguably Crowe’s greatest movie role in Gladiator, telling Premier Andrews, “Remember what they say, if you find yourself going through hell…just keep going.”

He finished his social media message with a word of thanks for the Premier’s efforts to date.

“Thank you for your continuous effort. You are saving lives. Just keep going.”

Crowe is reportedly currently bunkered down at his 400-hectare rural property in Nana Glen, west of Coffs Harbour.

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