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Community transport volunteers share the love

The Community Transport Company is celebrating its many volunteers this National Volunteers’ Week by treating them to delicious barista coffees and snacks made by Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan Aboriginal Corporation, and kitting them out with new windcheaters and water bottles, complete with the charity’s new-look logo. 

“Our volunteers give over 30,000 hours each year to this community, and  travel over one million kilometres to get our passengers where they need to  go,” CEO, Bethany Langford said today. 

“We are grateful for and to them every day, but National Volunteers’ Week  gives us a good excuse to go the extra mile for them.”

The Community Transport Company is proudly displaying its new look, in black and white, with old-fashioned lettering and and bottle-top logo design. 

‘We wanted to move away from the average aged care and disability logos, and appeal to people from all walks of life – we know our passengers and  volunteers are anything but average!” said Ms Langford.

“Our logo is reminiscent of fun things like  soda pop, breweries, and even biscuits! It was important to us that we didn’t  place our passengers into categories which saw them as helpless. We want our passengers to know that we know they’re vibrant, active and intelligent  people – no-matter what their age or mobility! 

“We have had a lot of feedback about our new logo – overwhelmingly good,  but I have had a chuckle when some people have huffily told me that it looks  like a bottle top, or a cartoon, or for one lady, even death because it’s in  black and white. But I say, bring it on! 

“We love our new look – it helps us stand out and keeps us hip – just like our  awesome passengers – and we make no apologies for standing out from the  crowd’ Miss Langford said with a smile. The new branding was undertaken  on a tight budget with help from local designers Outspoken Entourage.”

The Community Transport Company is a registered charity and relies on  volunteers to provide over 90,000 trips in cars and buses every year. 

“This National Volunteers’ Week, please give our volunteers a wave as they pass by in our vehicles – they are doing a fantastic job, and we want to share  the love,” Miss Langford said. 

For more information on The Community Transport Company visit  www.communitytransport.net.au, or call 1300 504 812. 

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