Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Brisbane retiree’s breakfast snake shock

A Brisbane retiree had some unexpected guests for breakfast yesterday morning after two massive snakes crashed through his kitchen ceiling.

David Tait discovered the two carpet snakes – both close to 3m in length and weighing more than 20kg combined – in his Dayboro home after finding the kitchen ceiling caved in yesterday.

The pair had broke through the ceiling and then found their way into David’s bedroom and living room.

Mr Tait told Westside News, he’d previously seen snakes basking in the sun on his roof, but they’d never ventured inside before.

“We have a lot of bush around here so you do see snakes,’’ Mr Tait said.

“When I came back this morning there was a large slab (of ceiling fibro) on the kitchen table.

“I found one snake in the bedroom and we found one in the lounge room.”

Snake catcher, Steven Brown of Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation said they were some of the “biggest and fattest” carpet snakes he’d ever seen.

He told Today that he believed the pair of male snakes had been fighting over a female when they crashed through the ceiling

He caught and relocated both snakes a state forest about 1km away.

Which leaves us with just one question…where is the female?!

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