Thursday, April 25, 2024

Blueprint to build better retirement villages

The Retirement Living Council, a division of the Property Council of Australia, has today released a building industry blueprint in a bid to address the challenges of updating and upgrading older retirement villages.

Property Council of Australia Executive Director of Retirement Living, Ben Myers said the Resident and Community Engagement for Retirement Village Redevelopments Guidelines would help guide the redevelopment of older villages.

“The average retirement village in Australia is 26 years old, and there is increasing pressure to find ways to make sure many older villages remain viable and able to meet modern expectations about housing styles, community facilities and healthy ageing,” he said.

Mr Myers said the Retirement Living Council recognised that successful village redevelopment projects needed meaningful engagement with residents to reduce upheaval, anxiety and stress for all involved.

“While each redevelopment project is different, engagement with residents throughout the planning, construction and post-construction phase often makes the difference between great, good and bad outcomes,” Mr Myers said.

He said empowering village residents through consultation and an involvement in decision-making during a redevelopment project was as much about creating and maintaining a collaborative working relationship as it was about realising the best outcomes for all.

The Resident and Community Engagement for Retirement Village Redevelopments Guidelines were prepared in collaboration with residents and retirement village operators.

Jointly developed in collaboration with BBS Communications Group, the Guidelines are based on the values and principles of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and the Retirement Living Code of Conduct, which promotes and protects the independence, privacy, happiness, safety, and security of retirement living residents.

To view the guidelines, click here.

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