Friday, June 21, 2024

Bedding down donations for homeless

Commissioner Katarina Carroll presented the donation to Beddown CEO Norman McGillivray. 

Queensland Police Service (QPS) Commissioner Katarina Carroll has presented a donation of 75 items of bedding on behalf of the Service to charitable organisation, Beddown, in support of National Homelessness Week.

The initiative was led by the State Domestic, Family Violence and Vulnerable Persons Unit, who have been raising awareness of National Homelessness Week and arranged the partnership with Beddown.

Commissioner Carroll said supporting Queensland’s homeless population was a priority for all QPS members.

“When you get to know the people in these circumstances, so many of them have led extraordinary lives and have fallen on hard times before landing on the streets,” she said.

“The individuals within our homeless population are part of our communities, and we all play a part in making their lives safer.

“As we come to the end of National Homelessness Week, it is important that we pause and consider those people who are doing it tough, and any way we can make their lives safer.

“We look forward to partnering with Beddown again next year, when we expect to gather even more donations.”

Commissioner Carroll presented the collection of 74 fitted sheets and one Doona to Beddown Chief Executive Officer, Norman McGillivray. All goods were donated by staff at Police Headquarters, Townsville Academy, Oxley Academy, and Policelink.

Beddown was founded when Mr McGillivray identified that there were many public spaces within Brisbane City left vacant at night that could be used to provide a safe sleeping place for the homeless.

Beddown has partnered with Secure Parking to access carpark spaces after they close in the evening, creating ‘pop-up’ accommodation for those with nowhere to sleep.

National Homelessness Week ends tomorrow.

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