Thursday, December 7, 2023

Aged care proves no barrier to 92-year-old painter’s art aspirations

McKenzie Buderim Views aged care resident and long-time artist, Maureen Mayall, has ticked off another art exhibition – but this time from her aged care home.

The exhibition featured 20 pieces of her artwork, showcasing what she has been working on since moving to Buderim Views.

“I really want to continue to meet new people and show that you can still achieve whatever you set your mind to in aged care,” says 92-year-old Maureen.

“I have held many exhibitions throughout my life because I was in a position where I had to.

“I worked as a Naval Drawing Officer for many years but then my husband Peter got very ill. I would work all day, rush home at night, do the things I that had to be done and then would paint until 12 o’clock at night to hold an exhibition to pay for the mortgage.”

Now in her 90s, Maureen says much of her work is inspired by what is around her which fills up her days.

“The inspiration for my artwork comes from what I see outside and memories I have, otherwise my brain just tells me what I should be doing.”

“Everything happens for me in the way of art, and I have been like it all my life so I’m going to make the most of it now.”

With the first exhibition in aged care now under her belt, Maureen says she is excited to continue her artist journey, with plans in the works for her next exhibition already.

“I feel as though today went really well with lovely entertainment in the background and members of the public coming into our home.”

“The money I receive from sales is going to charity and the remainder to replenish my art
supplies so I can hold another exhibition,” she says.

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