Wednesday, May 29, 2024

ACSA launches aged care jobs ‘toolkit’

Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) has launched a new online ‘toolkit’ for those seeking a role in aged care.

As part of the recently launched ACSA Workforce Hub, ACSA is now offering a ‘right-fit toolkit’ to provide jobseekers with resources and all the necessary information to make an informed choice about starting a career in the aged care sector.

The ‘right-fit’ toolkit and a suitability test allow jobseekers to check their skills against those employees require to work in aged care.

ACSA CEO, Patricia Sparrow said, “Due to COVID-19, there is an increased demand of jobseekers and organisations who are looking for new staff to join their aged care services.

“Those considering new career options including joining the aged care workforce can also access a ‘suitability test’ to identify whether they have the right attributes and skills to fit into a variety of roles currently available in aged care and if the sector is the right-fit for them,” she said.

The Aged Care Services Workforce Hub is the first free online hub specifically designed for the aged care sector that helps to link jobseekers with employers who are willing to fill up new positions.

Through a wide offering of programs and training options, ACSA is assisting organisations to achieve their critical workforce objectives while supporting the sector’s workforce to grow and adapt.

Find out more about careers in aged care by visiting the site at: https://employment.agedservicesworkforce.com.au/career-information/

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