Thursday, October 21, 2021

Best phones for Seniors in 2021

If you’re thinking about retiring, or have already made that life transition, we know that getting the most for your money is important to you.

As part of this transition, it’s important that you find a mobile phone that will get you the best value for money, while also fulfilling your unique and personal needs. 

1: Swissvoice C50s

The Swissvoice C50s is accessible and familiar to the Australian senior, featuring easily-understood controls, a home dock and included safety features.

The Swissvoice C50s comes with all of the basic functions that are now expected from modern mobile phones. This includes the ability to text and call, both a front and back facing camera, a loudspeaker, expandable internal storage and a 5-inch touchscreen display. 

There are also several special features that make this the perfect phone for seniors. The menu and home screen have been stripped back and enlarged to aid those with low vision. The handset also features an SOS button which can be used to contact emergency contacts when required.

The Swissvoice C50s can be nabbed from Southern Phone from $27.50/month plus monthly plan fees. 

2: Samsung Galaxy A12

A great mid-range smartphone, the A12 has all of the basic functionality of a smartphone without the price tag.

The Galaxy A12 is a mid-range phone and includes both a front and back camera, allowing for video calls and happy snaps with grandkids and relatives. The phone also comes with 128GB of inbuilt storage, meaning you won’t need to worry about running of storage anytime soon. The phone also comes with a fast-charging battery and bright display.

The Galaxy A12 can be picked up from Southern Phone from as little as $13/month plus monthly plan fees.

3: Samsung Galaxy A42

The Samsung A42 smartphone is for the tech-savvy senior. It has a great camera and technical performance, all at an affordable price point. 

The Galaxy A42 comes with the ability to use 5G internet, the newest edition of high-speed roaming internet that is accessed on the go. Compared to the Galaxy A12, the A42 has a larger and more advanced screen, increased battery size and an enhanced camera performance. Where the A12 had a single front and back camera, the Galaxy A42 has 3 back cameras and a single front camera. 
Although the Samsung Galaxy A42 is the most expensive phone we’ve discussed here, it is still a very affordable mobile phone! With Southern Phone’s Galaxy A42 plans, you can call, text and browse for as little as $26/month.

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