Friday, June 21, 2024

Police pitch call for missing baseball owner

Detectives from Maribyrnong Crime Investigation Unit are covering all bases as they try and track down the owners of a signed baseball.

Officers located the collectors item inside a stolen vehicle that was recovered Footscray in July last year. The ball, however, did not belong to the owner of the stolen car.

Despite a number of enquiries, Police say they have not been able to link the ball to any existing crime reports and are unable to ascertain who the owner is.

“It’s hard to tell how much the ball is worth in monetary terms, however it probably has significant sentimental or personal value to someone,” said Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Megan O’Sullivan.

“We haven’t had any luck connecting the ball to existing crime reports, so it may be that the theft was previously unreported or the owner may not have realised it’s been lost.

“Hopefully someone is able to provide us with some information and we can ensure the ball gets back to its owner.”

The ball, which is white with red stitching and appears to be match-used, is covered in a number of signatures with playing numbers beside them.

One of the clearest signatures appears to be that of Scott Dawes, who represented Australia in baseball between 1993-1998 including at the Atlanta Olympics.

Investigators have also released an image of the ball in the hope someone recognises it and can provide details about its rightful owner.

Anyone who recognises the ball or believes it may be their property is urged to contact Maribyrnong Crime Investigation Unit on 8398 9822 or email MARIBYRNONG-CIU-OIC@police.vic.gov.au

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