Monday, March 4, 2024

Missing mum gave decades of service to community says Mayor

Ballarat Mayor, Des Hudson, has spoken on live television this morning about his community’s anguish and hope for a positive outcome as the search for missing mother, Samantha Murphy, enters its sixth day.

The Mayor said there continues to be a genuine outpouring of love and support from the community as Victoria Police today revealed Missing Persons Unit detectives have joined the investigation.

Ballarat Mayor, Des Hudson.

“We, as a community, just want Samantha found,” he said.

“With the search entering the six day, we just want her back home with her family where she belongs.”

The Mayor said the 51-year-old missing mum is best known locally for her connection to young people through the performing arts.

“She’s been a mentor to young people for a long time, for a couple of decades – the young people she has come into connect with now have their own kids. She’s made her mark on our community.”

“Tight-knit close family units – that’s what makes our community.”

With many local people getting involved in search efforts to find Samantha, Mayor Hudson said he was still hopeful of a positive outcome.

“We need to, as the rest of the community do, continue with our hopes and prayers and look for that positive outcome that there will be a time that Sam comes back through the front door and they’re together as a family again.”

Samantha’s eldest daughter, Jess, yesterday made an emotional plea for her mother’s return.

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