Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Man sentenced over threats to AFP officer protecting Barnaby Joyce

A 53-year-old NSW man has been sentenced to a seven-month intensive corrections order (ICO) after pleading guilty to threatening to cause serious harm to an AFP officer after confronting the officer while he was on duty protecting then Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

The man was sentenced to the ICO with strict conditions by the Tamworth Local Court, following a roadside incident that took place in north-east NSW in April.

It was revealed in court that the man was aggressive, verbally threatened an AFP officer, and adopted a fighting stance after the officer stopped him from approaching the parliamentarian.

Officers from AFP Operation Wilmot, with the assistance of the NSW Police Force, charged the man.

Detective Superintendent Craig Bellis said the arrest should send a strong message that the AFP and its partners will prosecute anyone who breaks the law by harassing, menacing or threatening parliamentarians and those who work with them.

“The AFP supports freedom of speech, but we will not tolerate criminal behavior – People should be able to do their jobs safely,” Det Supt Bellis said.

Operation Wilmot was established to help ensure the security of high-office holders and parliamentarians during the 2022 Federal election.

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