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Makeover for iconic railway station

The iconic Maryborough Railway Station in Victoria’s Central Goldfields Shire has been officially reopened following a major redevelopment.

Over the past year, the station has been transformed and now includes a visitor hub.

The new-look Visitor Centre welcomes visitors and introduces them to the delights of the region, which is located at the centre of Victoria’s historic goldfields.

A highlight of the experience at the new Visitors Centre is the theatrette with its digital animation ‘The Welcome Stranger’ – a creative and highly engaging video for all ages, telling the story of gold and how its discovery has shaped the region. A replica of the famous original Welcome Stranger gold nugget can also be viewed on entry to the theatrette.

The Worth its Weight in Gold interactive installation is a fun and educational experience which invites visitors to place whatever they have in their pocket on the unit to find out its worth in today’s gold prices.

The Visitor Centre is now accessible from both the Station Platform as well as directly via   The Station Café Restaurant Bar. Accessibility improvements have also been made to the platform entry.

Central Goldfields Shire Mayor, Grace La Vella said she was delighted with outcome and response to this significant project for the Central Goldfields.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to be home to the iconic Maryborough Railway Station and to have such a rich goldfields history in our region,” she said.

“Maryborough is located at the centre of the unique Victorian Goldfields region and is pivotal to the Victorian Goldfields World Heritage Bid.

“The redevelopment celebrates this and has transformed the Station into a local and visitor hub. Visitation is growing daily and the Station, already an iconic attraction now has so much more to offer to our many visitors as well as our local community.

“It’s a really exciting time for us in the Central Goldfields. With our redeveloped Central Goldfields Art Gallery and the Indigenous Interpretive Garden still to come – together with the Station project – we now have two fantastic major attractions bookending the town and showcasing the community’s story in creative ways by drawing visitors and locals through town.

“The station and garden honour our rich heritage and contribute to economic growth in the future. Both are public spaces for mixing, celebrating unique past and present stories, learning, understanding, healing, and reconciliation. Both are cornerstones of the growth of future tourism in the local area.

“We thank the Victorian Government for their investment in this key project and extend our thanks to the owners of The Station Café Restaurant Bar as well as VLine for their collaboration and patience throughout the project – particularly during the construction phase.

“We will continue to advocate for a further $3 million for the next stage of the project – which will involve activation of the creative space and sculpture courtyard and further story telling capability.”

The project was jointly funded with $1.8 million from the Victorian Government’s Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund and $200,000 from Council.

For more information visit www.engage.cgoldshire.vic.gov.au/stationproject

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