Friday, June 21, 2024

Free lifetime registration for rescue pets

The NSW Government today announced free lifetime pet registration for people who adopt a rescue pet from council pounds and animal shelters.

Minister for Local Government, Shelley Hancock said free lifetime pet registration would encourage prospective pet owners to ‘adopt not shop’ for a dog or cat, and reduce the burden on council pounds and animal shelters.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than giving a forever home to a rescue dog or cat and enjoying a lifetime of loving companionship,” Mrs Hancock said.

“In 2015, the NSW Government introduced a 50% discount on lifetime pet registration fees for people who rescue dogs and cats from council pounds and animal shelters across the state which was extended to include rehoming organisations in 2018.

“So far, more than 60,000 pet owners have saved over $1.8 million in reduced pet registration fees.

“The NSW Government is committed to encouraging even more pet adoptions and that’s why we are now introducing free lifetime pet registration for people who adopt a rescue dog or cat.

“I encourage anyone thinking about welcoming a dog or cat into their lives to take advantage of free lifetime pet registration and visit a council pound, animal shelter or one of the many approved rehoming organisations across NSW to rescue an animal in desperate need of a home.”

She said the NSW Government was supporting local councils with $5.8 million in companion animal funding in the 2021-22 financial year.

Pet registration fees go directly to the Companion Animals Fund which pays for companion animal management by local councils including pounds/shelters, ranger services, dog recreation areas, and education and awareness programs.

The fund is also used by the NSW Government to operate the NSW Pet Registry and carry out responsible pet ownership initiatives.

RSPCA NSW Chief Executive Officer, Steve Coleman said anyone considering bringing a pet into their home should explore adopting an animal through a reputable rehoming organisation.

“We’re proud of the NSW Government’s commitment to assist local councils to manage companion animals in their communities,” Mr Coleman said.

“Rescuing an animal has the added benefit of reducing the burden on council pounds and shelters and, importantly, giving these companion animals a second chance.”

In March, the Government announced $10.5 million to the RSPCA to carry out much-need upgrading works at its shelters across NSW.

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