Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Eagle-eyed water police save sailor

A Sydney sailor was lucky to be rescued yesterday after being spotted by eagle-eyed NSW Water Police officers.

Police say that at around 4:30pm on Sunday, and with storm conditions setting in, a Water Police vessel passed a lone sailor in a small yacht in Hawkesbury River near Marlow Creek.

Concerned about the yacht, the Water Police soon turned back to check if the sailor was okay, only to find the yacht overturned with a snapped mast.

As you can see in the photo, the lone sailor cut a sombre figure stranded aboard his tiny yacht without any emergency equipment.

“Again, it is a vivid reminder that it is not always smooth sailing and a turbulent storm can surprise us,” said NSW Police in a statement.

“Checking the weather forecast and wearing a life jacket regardless can prevent potentially fatal consequences.

“Having a nearby Water Police with sharp eyes and caring heart also helps.”

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