Thursday, April 25, 2024

Dandenong’s ‘1,000 Steps’ walk reopens

Visitors will again get to experience the popular destination 1,000 Steps, also known as the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk at the Dandenong Ranges National Park, as it reopens today.

The unique walking track is reopening after a $76.5 million recovery process backed by the Victorian Government.

“We’ve stood with local communities every step of the way in ensuring a successful recovery across eight storm affected councils,” said Minister for Energy, the Environment and Climate Action, Lily D’Ambrosio.

“Victoria’s 1,000 Steps are an important and popular destination within Victoria, Australia and internationally. This funding has given our well-loved 1,000 Steps a new lease on life, so all visitors can enjoy them for generations to come.”

The funding helped to repair and replace concrete steps and handrailing along the 1.4-kilometre track in challenging terrain after the devastating 2021 storms.

Thanks to the works, the 1,000 Steps looks set to continue to be a popular destination for tourists and locals and an important environmental landmark at the Dandenong Ranges National Park.

The 2021 storms had a significant impact on local communities, parks, and infrastructure at locations across Victoria.

The 1,000 Steps, and the Dandenong Ranges National Park were among the hardest hit during these events and closed after the storms to ensure visitor safety and to allow works to be undertaken.

“We’ve made sure our beloved rainforest walk, 1,000 Steps, re-opens but also ensure a safe experience for our local community and visitors,” said Member for Monbulk, James Merlino.

The 1,000 Steps was built in the early 1900s, and serves as a memorial and reminder of the famous 1,000 Steps track in Papua New Guinea, location of the World War II battle in 1942.

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