Monday, July 22, 2024

Camden slings new fishing project

Camden Council is rolling out a new project which will help local fishers identify the best places to snag a bite.

As part of Council’s Hook, Line & Measure citizen science project, local fishers are being
encouraged to identify and record the species, size and distribution of fish caught in the
Nepean River and other local waterways.

Fishers who take part will fill out an online form to record their catch and report it to Council.

The data will be presented on the Camden Open Data Portal via an interactive map and
data table. The information will provide Council with a baseline dataset, which could help
the community identify areas which may be more productive for recreational fishing
activities an inform future Council sustainability projects.

Mayor of Camden, Cr Ashleigh Cagney (pictured), encouraged fishers to take part.

“Citizen science is always a great way to get involved with data collection in a way that will
see real world benefits,” she said.

“If you catch a fish in the Camden area, let us know about it. The data that gets collected
and then shared will be very useful for the community, and help us deliver projects to
better our waterways.”

To find out more, and record your catch, visit bit.ly/hooklinemeasurecamden.

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