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Can you help to improve hospital care for hip fractures?

Do you have an interest in improving the hospital care for older people? Have you, or someone in your circle of family and friends, broken their hip?

The risk of falls and fractures goes up with age. Each year, nearly 19,000 people in Australia and 4,000 people in New Zealand break their hip. This injury is also known as a hip fracture. Hip fractures come at great cost to individuals, their families, the community and the healthcare system.

Fortunately, in Australia, many people are working together to improve the care for people with a broken hip.

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) has developed the Hip Fracture Clinical Care Standard. This Standard is a set of national recommendations which describe the care that you should receive if you have a hip fracture.

The Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR) is a clinical quality registry. It is managed by a group of clinicians and experts in the field with representation
from key professional organisations.

The ANZHFR collects data about the care of older people admitted to hospital with a broken hip in Australia and New Zealand. The Registry allows each hospital to audit the care they provide against the Hip Fracture Clinical Care Standard. This comparison can then be used to improve care, look at national trends, advocate for better care and ultimately help older people make a better recovery from their broken hip.

The ANZHFR has made resources about various aspects of having a broken hip to help
patients and their families. You can review them by clicking here.

We want to hear your voice…

Hearing from the people affected by a hip fracture is vital to making positive changes to health care.

At the ANZHFR, we are making it a priority to involve more consumers in all the work we do.

We want to:

  • Understand what matters to you
  • Work together with you on Registry projects
  • Listen to your experience of hip fracture care

The ANZHFR has several ways that you can take part, depending on your preferences.

These include one-off occasions, short- and medium-term time commitments, online or in-

Please get in touch…

If you would like to express your interest in participating and have one of our team
members contact you, please click HERE.

or scan the QR code:

You can also simply contact us directly, via email myhipmyvoice@anzhfr.org or call
Narelle Payne, ANZHFR Consumer Engagement Lead, on 93991072.

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