Sunday, July 21, 2024

WA nurse tests positive in Victoria

A Western Australian nurse who travelled to Victoria to volunteer in the state’s residential aged care facilities has tested positive to COVID-19.

WA Health Minister, Roger Cook has confirmed the nurse tested positive on Sunday during routine examinations at the aged care facility.

He said the nurse had been working in a team with six other nurses when the positive result came through.

Western Australia sent 19 healthcare staff to Victoria last month to help with aged care outbreaks in the state.

“The WA Department of Health is in regular contact with the nurse who has tested positive as well as all the nurses deployed to Victoria,” Mr Cook said.

“This case shows even with our most experienced nursing staff that this is a very transmissible virus.

“We want to make sure that we reach out to all our nursing staff who ware working in Victoria and make sure we are caring for them as best as possible.”

“We want to make sure we look after them and we want to make sure we look after those around them and support their families.

“They are one of ours, they’re our people and from that perspective we’re going to do everything we can to bring them home.”

Mr Cook said WA had no further plans to send more nurses to Victoria.

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