Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Queensland border delays expected as closure looms large

The Queensland border will close to hotspot locations in Victoria, NSW and ACT from 1am tomorrow morning, creating chaos at border checkpoints as motorists queue for up to two hours to get in.

Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner, Steve Gollschewski said he expected the queues to continue today in the final countdown to the border closures.

He said there was no place in Queensland for those who failed to declare their travel truthfully to border officials.

“Unfortunately we saw that there were a couple that did get back by being deceitful, that did have COVID, and the massive response we had to put in place to wrap around that and make sure that didn’t spread further and we’re still waiting for the outcomes of that,” said Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski.

He said travellers who lied about their travel to COVID-19 hotspots faced serious penalties.

“It’s either a $4000 on-the-spot fine, or charged before the court it’s a $13,000 fine and or six months in prison, so it’s pretty serious.”

“We’ve also seen people charged with other offences such as fraud which carries up to five years inprisonment,” he said.

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