Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Plucky pensioner’s supermarket short cut

Constable Sophia Holloway and Ray Jane – demonstrating excellent distancing – and the lawnmower.

A New Zealand police officer has come to the rescue of an 87-year-old man found driving his ride-on lawnmower to the supermarket.

Constable Sophia Holloway came across Ray Jane heading into Napier city in NZ’s north island from his home suburb of Maraenui and managed to convince him that it perhaps wasn’t the best mode of transport into the city.

She followed him home to ensure he got back safely and during their discussions, Sophia discovered that Ray’s car had been stolen a day or two before and he had no other form of transport.

Sophia took him back into town to get his groceries, then to the police station to report his car stolen and rang his insurance company to lodge the claim as he doesn’t have a phone or internet.

On the way back home they dropped in on Ray’s brother for a visit, but he wasn’t home so she dropped Ray back to his house. 

Sophia’s work colleague Constable Andrew Chantrey says he’s had regular contact with Ray since Sophia made him aware of the situation and says Ray is extremely grateful to her for her help that day – and the empathy and compassion she showed. 

Andrew continues to work with Ray, in conjunction with aged care assistance organisation, Age Concern, who are assisting Ray with transport options.

“He’s a great old fella and obviously very resilient and independent with a great attitude,” says Andrew.

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