Thursday, July 25, 2024

Milford Grange residents stay young at heart


Bolton Clarke Milford Grange residents have been trying their hand with colouring pencils and nursery rhymes during their regular visits from a local early education centre.

Every week, residents sit down with children from Winston Glades Early Education Centre as part of the Play Matters program encouraging children to build relationships, skills and
confidence through play.

Bolton Clarke Milford Grange Care Champion, Lea Gibson says the regular visits are something many of the residents look forward to.

“I think it’s had a really positive impact because of the emotional fulfilment our residents get out of being with the younger generation,” Lea said.

“It’s so beneficial for both the residents and the little ones.

“It helps the children develop their social skills but it also keeps older people connected to the community and helps them feel valued.”

Milford Grange resident, Lily says the experience has allowed her to get back in touch with her lifelong career as a nurse.

“I was the Director of the Wacol Hostel and we had 73 children there and only 12 spoke English so I had to teach them,” Lily said.

“I used to give them homework even though they were only four years old, and the mothers encouraged me to continue to teach with the program I had created.

“I am 93 now and I love having the children here – I play piano so we sing nursery rhymes

The regular visits are an established and much-anticipated highlight of activities at the home, with residents joining with the children to sing nursery rhymes, read books, create artworks and chat.

“It’s wonderful seeing how the residents’ faces light up and the joy it brings,” Lea said.

“The smiles and interactions you can see are priceless – every experience is different for each resident and it’s beautiful.”

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